A unique commercially focused and outcome driven Insurtech accelerator programme.

  • Unique as INC Accelerator focuses on underlying Insurance problems
  • Unique as INC does not seek an equity stake in the Startup
  • Unique focus on quality and outcomes with small cohort
  • Unique as the Startup will be partnered with a closely aligned Insurance sector firm
  • Unique as mentoring will be delivered by function level Insurance subject matter experts
  • Unique location on Campus at Institute of Technology Carlow: Startups can access Research & Development resources in Data Science, Software & Games Development, Design Thinking, Cyber Security and Internet of Things.

Entry into Programme

A Minimum Viable Product is required for entry to the INC accelerator programme.

INC will identify suitable Insurance partners for the Startup and match with the Startup based on key rationale around a problem statement. During the accelerator programme the Startup will collaborate with the Insurance partner(s) through intensive 1 to 1 mentoring focusing on solving the underlying Insurance challenge or problem while developing the Startup proposition.

Free Office space is provided on campus for the duration of the accelerator programme. Extensive mentoring sessions with experienced business mentors. Opportunities to collaborate with students through Internships, Placements as well as to recruit graduates from Institute of Technology Carlow.


INC Accelerator

The INC Accelerator will conclude with Demo Day where the Startups will have an opportunity to present to an invited C Suite audience from the Insurance sector. INC will publish details of the cohort and communicate through its industry channels.

Benefit from the extensive international INC network of Insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates, and relationships with Venture Capital funds focused on Insurtech. Progress to Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund and High Performance Startup Programmes.

For Insurance Partner Firms

INC Accelerator Inputs

  • Participation  in the accelerator is free for partner firms
  • Real world Insurance Problem Statement
  • Only commitment from partner firms is to provide an internal subject matter expert to provide mentoring
  • Participate in (paid) proof of concept trial
  • In the event the collaboration fails – you will have experience & an Innovation Champion in your business
  • Downside risks are very Low

INC Accelerator Outputs

  • Innovation which is currently inaccessible
  • First Mover Advantage
  • Emerging Capabilities & External Resources
  • Improvements and Efficiencies
  • Solve poorly or entirely unsolved Problems
  • Realise a Leap V Incremental Change
  • Cultural Change – Disruption
  • New Supplier /Partner
  • Launch to market
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Acquisition & Diversification
  • Develop Talent in your company
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

If your Startup is at pre MVP stage you can benefit from the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme, collocated on campus at Institute of Technology Carlow. New Frontiers will enable the Startup to engage in concept validation and develop a Minimum Viable Product through 3 phases.

By joining New Frontiers at Institute of Technology Carlow you will join a stage agnostic ecosystem of Insurance startups, researchers and post graduate students engaged in Innovative Insurance projects.  For more information please see this link »

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